Top Gun Main Line Inverter

3D Modeling

We can bring your invention ideas to life. If you need assistance with machine or object architecture contact us. We will discuss your project and determine if we can help you create virtual 3D renderings you can take to an inventor. The machine you see pictured is a 3D model of Perma-Liner Industries “Top Gun” mainline sewer rehabilitation machine. We created this model off of an existing machine shown in the photos below. 

Perma Liner Top Gun
top gun perma liner
Perma Liner Top Gun


Pictured is a 3D model of Perma-Liner Industries “LightRay” Ultra Violet curing machine to cure epoxy resin on the inside of a restored sewer line. We based this model off of an early prototype design photo we were sent. 


Inversion Drum

Pictured is a 3D model of Perma-Liner Industries “Perma-Lateral Inversion Tank Drum” to repair sewer laterals underground. We based our model off of the real machine that is in use all across the USA.

Underground Trenchless Image

Underground Scenes

Pictured are underground scenes we create for plumbers & drain cleaners. These images were made for Savy & Sons Plumbing & Aqua Pro Plumbing and show the suite of services they perform on a daily basis. 

Underground Trenchless Scene