Indexation Methodologies

2018 brings an entirely new methodology when it comes to search indexation and rankings on Google. Your website should be optimized both on and off page for the best performance on Google long-term. We study Google’s best practices each and every week and are always refining our search engine optimization strategies while maintaining a completely white-hat approach.


Real World SEO Example

One of our biggest strengths in SEO is the service trades. We do well at growing these types of businesses on the web. Google is loving our efforts with the Tampa Bay Plumbers web infrastructure.


About the video: This screencast was recorded on May 22nd, 2018. We are illustrating 2 factors. First, you will observe their Google Local Service Ad. Next, you will see we have them ranked at the #1 Organic Rank Position in the search. We even rank over the Wikipedia listing for Plumber.


Important: These results are a product of a nearly 5-year optimization effort. These results were never guaranteed to the client. It takes time, persistence, and most of all, quality to achieve these ranks. We can help your company rank well but do not expect this to happen quickly. Yes, their leads did increase when we got them to the top three results. We only optimize for one service industry per geographical service area.

What’s Included?

When you hire us to optimize your website, we primarily focus on the major platforms where actual people are looking for your services. We begin by creating a perfect website to represent your business that utilizes the latest code, responsive features and most of all, ways for the client to reach you quickly. Once we all love what we are going to promote (your website) we devise a comprehensive plan to optimize the presence of your online content and move it up the ranks on Google naturally.

SEO On All Platforms

Real World SEO Example

Two great companies sharing success while helping each other. A longtime loyal client Perma-Liner Industries and Tampa Bay Plumbers both take the top spot for the Trenchless Pipelining search on Google.


About the video: This screencast was recorded on May 22nd, 2018. The result is showing two of our top SEO clients. Tampa Bay Plumbers is holding the local organic search result for this service while Perma-Liner holds the national top spot for this same search. Google will blend your geographical location along with global ranking factors to display the most accurate results. This is a perfect example.

How Long Does It Take To Rank Well?

You are a business owner, you are in business to make money. You are reading this web page because you want more leads. If this sounds like you, then you need to begin the process of understanding what this type of service SEO really is. Ranking number one for a certain keyphrase is becoming a modern art form, every business owner wants to rank number one for their given industry.


For example, our plumbing clients want to rank number one for the Plumber search, our insurance clients want the number one spot for Insurance, and so on. If every business owner had their way, there wouldn’t be a need to rank better. Fortunately, the web search results are broken up into three “number one” positions. You can rank number one in the Google Ad’s stack but that will cost you a lot of money with little ROI. Next, you could rank number one for the Google Local or Google My Business search. This placement is free but you have to have a great organic SEO campaign and have the correct “secret sauce” with Google to get this position. Or, you can rank number one organically. This is the placement where most visitors will click. Users understand that this position is not paid for, nor dependent on reviews, posts, ads etc.

So Really… How Long Does It Take?

You knew this answer would not be a simple one, but we will break it down based on our 12-year experience. It depends on the competitiveness of the search phrase (often times referred to as a keyword). Plumbing is very competitive so, ranking positions number one through number five could take years depending on your city. Some less competitive search phrases could take just a couple of weeks.

So what do you need in order to rank better? The simplest answer you will hear is to improve your Page Rank. Page Rank or often abbreviated as PR and is a secret number Google gives all websites. Think of the PR like a FICO score. There are many complex calculations that determine the PR number and it changes all the time. Luckily for us, the Page Rank will often times goes up the longer you build upon it and keep the page active.

SEO Search Tampa Plumber
SEO Search Trenchless Pipelining
SEO Search Water Leak Detection

Ranking Factors

Best Practices: Gone are the days of “keyword stuffing” in META tags. With the latest Google Algorithm updates, on-page content and how your content is linked off-site are the most important factors. We pay careful attention to your on-page content, overall message, search-phrase density and cascading flow of proper tags.


Flow: Page anatomy is the first aspect of good SEO and we happen to believe we’re really good at this. What is it? Page anatomy refers to how the flow of headlines, text, and images are displayed on your website and how Google will interpret this content. Website pages need to be 95% grammatically correct, Google wants you to provide your end-user with the best possible experience on the web. This keeps users on your website longer and they get a better overall experience. If your customer is happy, you have a better chance of a conversion.


Real World SEO Example

A 6-year client, I Find Leaks now ranks #1 for the highly sought after Water Leak Detection search on Google. We targeted this search from the very beginning of our effort. We received #1 rank last year in both the local Google My Business Search and the Organic Google Search.


About the video: This screencast was recorded on May 22nd, 2018. The result is showing I Find Leaks ranking number one on Google for both the local search and the organic search. The competition is no match for our optimization strategy.