Web Maintenance Services

Whether you hire us to build your website or you already have a website that you love, we can maintain it!

Every website needs ongoing maintenance. We are here to help. Archi FX now offers à la carte web maintenance services for all types of websites. If you have a simple informal HTML website that needs light maintenance and code improvements or you have a WordPress based CMS website that requires ongoing updates and spam  removal, we are your web maintenance company.

Web Maintenance Illustrated
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What is Web Maintenance?

In 2018, web maintenance is an essential part of owning and running a successful website. Gone are the days of simply launching a website and enjoying the fruits of your internet labor. These days, web spam, malware, updates, code compliance, code changes, server updates, and security make ongoing maintenance of your website a must!


When we maintain your website we are continuously checking your traffic flow, user acquisition and performance. For example, we test the average page speed and load times. We make sure the website is operating within its normal parameters. If we detect an issue, we repair it. Listed below is a comprehensive list of items we observe, repair and optimize for on a monthly basis (depending on your maintenance program).

Why Do I Need It?

Take a look at the illustration. This was a real case where our web maintenance saved this client thousands of dollars in leads. True story!


In February of 2018, our long-time client emailed us with concerns of lower than normal lead inquiries being generated from their website. This was a previous client who declined our recommendation for web maintenance services in 2014. We began our investigation by looking into the web server and comparing our latest version of website files against the current server files. We found an astonishing 18 malicious files that were injected into their web server. These files (highlighted) were designed to cloak the lead generation forms and in lieu of sending emails to our client, instead were stealing email addresses and adding them to third-party marketing websites.


This type of spam is no-one’s fault. These files are passes within large shared hosting accounts and typically Go Daddy or other major registrars and service providers will send out a friendly email explaining that there has been malware found and it should be removed. In a perfect world, this is an easy process. But, what if the major registrar takes months to detect this? You could be losing thousands of dollars in missed leads due to malware. This is why you hire us to maintain your website. 

Web Spam In Web Server
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Plans starting at $100/Month

The web maintenance lite program is a monthly web maintenance plan that will provide .com monitoring service to monitor website uptime and catch malicious attacks should they appear. This program will also give your website a once-per-month server cleanup and text or image-based update.

Note: This plan is for small 1-3 page websites that receive less than 100 visitors per month and should not be used for service-industry or lead generation websites. This plan does not include code alterations or edits.

Interested? Let us have a look t your website and see if this program is a good fit.

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Plans starting at $750/Month

Web maintenance plus provides a great way to keep your website fresh and updated while keeping your code safe and secure. This plan provides weekly backups of your website and database and also includes up to 10 edits per month from our professional web team. This plan also offers complete testing of your lead generation forms and code updates and improvements when needed.

Note: This plan is for smaller 5-15 page websites that receive less than 1000 visitors per month. This program does not include add-on website landing pages or page additions to existing websites.

Interested? Let us have a look t your website and see if this program is a good fit.

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Plans starting at $1500/Month

Elite Maintenance is a great fit for most small businesses. This plan provides a dedicated web developer full-time to handle all aspects of your current web infrastructure. Any and all issues that arise within your website or online infrastructure are strategically evaluated and fixes are applied. This program will cover your website, blog, Google My Business page and maintenance and Facebook Page maintenance.

Note: This plan is for most small business websites that receive up to 3000 visitors per month. Put a full-time web developer on your staff today.

Interested? Let us have a look t your website and see if this program is a good fit.

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