Web Design

When you hire Archi FX to create your website, we take the time to actually learn how your business operates on a day-to-day basis. Then we tailor your new website to your business needs, and keep you informed along the way.

When you hire us, we not only deliver some of the best websites found on the web, but we also pack it full of white-hat search engine optimization so Google will rank it higher than most sites in your industry. SEO is an ongoing practice that is handled monthly, but each new site will have the best on-page SEO in the biz.


Website use on mobile devices is now higher than that of desktop versions. This means your website needs to provide the best possible mobile experience for your new customers. We always develop websites with easy-to-use call to action elements or CTA’s. These are features like touch-to-call buttons or touch-to-text elements. Users should always be able to contact you regardless of where they are on your web page. We also pay very close attention to load times. Page loading speed is the most critical element in your website’s overall performance and lead generation capabilities.


HTTPS (HTTP Secure) is an extension of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for secure communication over a computer network and is widely used on the Internet. In HTTPS, the communication protocol is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS), or formerly, its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The protocol is therefore also often referred to as HTTP over TLS, or HTTP over SSL.

The principal motivation for HTTPS is authentication of the accessed website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data while in transit. It protects against man-in-the-middle attacks. We always recommend the purchase of an SSL certificate on the launch of your new website. Google also claims there is a slight SEO ranking boost for sites who utilize this level of protection.

Traffic Tracking

Monitoring your website traffic should be something you are doing every week. With Google Analytics, you can start a promotion online and watch your website traffic in real-time! Every website we create is hooked into your own personal Google Analytics account. This means you can track the growth of your website in real time by measuring every hit, bounce, page view and conversion via the Analytics dashboard. Print reports, compare date ranges and even see what devices your users are browsing your site with.

If you are not currently tracking the progress of your website with Google Analytics, you are missing out on some of the most important data when it comes to your business’s long-term success on the web. One of the features we love is the ability to determine what customers are clicking on and what parts are being overlooked. This gives us the ability to better tailor the website to the end-user’s liking. Happy end-users often times turn into conversions.