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If you were curious about what we are working on this year, check out some of our recent builds and as always, reach out to these business owners and ask about us. We are confident you'll like what you hear.

Is your website performing better than your competition?

If your website isn’t living up to your original or current expectations, call us. Let’s evaluate what’s wrong and make it better.

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Important: We do not accept all new client applications. In order to become a client of Archi FX, we must approve of your website’s purpose, service area and services provided. We only perform SEO on one approved client per geographical region. You must apply to find out more.

Is your website performing better than your competition?

If your website isn’t living up to your original or current expectations, call us. Let’s evaluate what’s wrong and make it better.

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Company Overview:

We are a web development & web maintenance company. Both aspects need to be taken into consideration when entering the digital world. Web design & and build-out is only the first step in securing your footprint on the web. It is more important than ever in 2018 to understand that web maintenance plays a big part in your company’s long-term success and vitality on the internet. We are highly competent developers with over 60 years of combined experience in web, software and application development. Trust that we know code and know how to fix problems should they arise. While we love WordPress, we are not basic “plug-and-play” WordPress developers. We can create custom plugins for WordPress should your company decide to use it as their desired CMS platform. We can create any custom website you can imagine, from simple HTML5 & CSS driven websites to complex custom PHP Laravel Frameworks. We know our industry from top to bottom and take pride in every line of code we write. Contact us today to learn more or apply to become a client.

On Initial Design & Build:

We take pride in learning your business model and ideal prospective client base prior to designing your website. We carefully craft each call-to-action element and layout to best serve your end-users experience. We never limit the number of pages your website can have and we take the time to listen to you. We provide our professional recommendations on what works and what does not within the current timeframe and execute a flawless website from header to footer.

On Web Maintenance & Security:

2018 brings a new level of security requirements in the website industry. If you have a website in 2018 you need a team on your side performing critical updates, code patches, and database maintenance. You cannot afford to turn a blind eye to web security. Google recently announced that it wants all websites to run on the hypertext transfer protocol secure layer by 2020 (HTTPS)  and that it will give SEO ranking boosts to those who are taking the appropriate actions to secure their website. Are you one of those companies?

Along with initial design & build practices, we stay with you for the lifecycle of your business making your website and web infrastructure grow with you. We set your website up on your own virtual private server (VPS) and build it out according to your website’s specific specifications. You will love how fast your website loads on all devices because we only build on solid state drive machines (SSD). This puts your company way ahead of your competition in terms of web speed, user experience, and security. To find out more or set up a website audit, contact us.

We love code websites
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As professional developers, we take pride in being fluent in the above-mentioned programming languages. We develop websites on top of the popular LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Think of it as traditional hosting that we can completely control. We control the security, website speed, extensions used, and space we need. Our virtual machine setup is four-times faster than traditional shared hosting and ten-times more reliable.
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We take the time to understand your business so the final design is engineered to maximize ROI.

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